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Patient lift makes the process of transportation of patients much safer and quicker. Both the patient and the caregiver usually face lot of difficulties while moving from one place to another, for which they need some assistance in the form of these mobility aids. With the help of these lifts and mobility aids the patient feel more freedom in their daily activities and movements. These lifts and mobility aids are frequently used both in health care centers and in home care. Because of different user needs there are varieties of grades defined for these patient lift. Varieties of lifts are designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare practices. Let's read about the different types of patient lift available in the market.

  • Manual Patient Lifts: Not much in use these days due to the introduction of hydraulically-enhanced patient lift. These days the actual manual lifts are becoming increasingly rare. The market is captured by the hydraulic lifts which has made the task so much easier.


  • Hydraulic Patient Lifts: The modern day patient lift is synonymous to hydraulic technology. These patient lift is very convenient and easier to operate. You won't believe but they are remarkably more affordable than the earlier ones. These lifts are portable, so you do not need to have a power source to plug in. Whatever heavy weight you are to lift, these lifts are capable of doing.


  • Electric Patient Lifts: These lifts are the most convenient ones which take practically all of the work out of the lift process and make life easy for the physically ailing patients. These lifts are remote-controlled, which makes the mobility process practically effortless. To mobilize a patient with electric patient lifts is such a piece of cake that anyone can operate it.  In fact, most of the cases the patient can even control the lift themselves. They definitely are pricy and cost almost double than the hydraulic patient lift. But if you think for long term, then this investment is worth doing.


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Types of patient lift

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This article was published on 2010/12/03